Thursday, April 08, 2010

I'm blushing

I've received some lovely blog awards over the past month or two, and I'm so sorry that I haven't managed to get to posting about them. I love being acknowledged by my fellow bloggers, and was excited to get all of these...

First up is the Happy 101 from the beautiful and talented Kimbirdy at Fill Your Well. Kim is one of my favourite bloggers. I love to read about her life in San Francisco (soon to be L.A.!) and to discuss all things LOST-related with her. This award asks you to list 10 things that make you happy. I've done it before but I'm sure I can come up with some more. There's no such thing as too much happiness, now is there? So, how about: blogging, tumbling (soooo many pretty pictures to look at!), going for picnics, drinking from china teacups, being in the arrivals area at the airport, singing loudly with the windows all rolled down, talking about LOST (did you see it this week?!?), reading through my old journals, having a cheese fondue with friends and playing trivial pursuit? There you have it. 10 things that make me happy!

A blogger I've met fairly recently is Cat at the Nebraskan blog No Wooden Spoons. Here is a girl who likes cupcakes as much as I do! All I have to do for this one is nominate a few of my favourite blogging friends (it's supposed to be 15 of you, but if it's taken me long enough to get this post written, so I'm keeping it to five!) I'd like to pass it along to Cassie at Hydrangeas and White Daisies, Kimbirdy at Fill Your Well, Carissa of The Lovely Dove, Megan at Time after Tea and Brandi at Not Your Average Ordinary. You're beautiful, girls. Keep writing and I promise I'll keep reading!

Rebecca (aka Sonshine Music) is a friend from the Nik at Nite blog. She's a regular commenter each week as Nikki posts about the latest episode of LOST. To accept this award I have to share some embarrassing things about myself. Oh dear. There are an awful lot of them, so I'll just keep it to five, shall I?

1. I let my kids listen to Christmas music all year long. What? It helps them fall asleep.
2. I am a big wimp and during any movie or tv scene that is even remotely scary, I cover my eyes with both hands and just peek out the teeniest bit between my fingers. During The Fellowship of the Ring I screamed so loud, several people in the theatre turned around and stared. Those orcs are super scary!
3. When I get upset or mad, I have a tendency to swear like a trucker (I try to do it under my breath if the boys are around!) I blame my dad and his Newfie roots.
4. When I was little, I grabbed another kid by the sides of the head and bit his ear. Hard. He was being mean to my sister and I felt the need to come to her defence. (Nice, huh? I have a terrible temper and a foul mouth! Please don't stop reading my blog... I'm really nice, otherwise, I promise!)
5. I'm sort of in love with a fictional character on a tv show ;~) Have I mentioned that before?!

This one I'd like to pass on to Micaela of Dolce Vita. This girl is always honest and completely true to herself, so I know she'll be happy to share!

Blair of the lovely New England-based blog b-mused gave me this one. To accept the Kreativ Blogger award you need to share 7 facts about yourself, hopefully ones that people may not know. Hmmm, I'm a bit of an open book, but let's see... How about:

1. Correct spelling and grammar are very important to me. I can't stand it when I see spelling mistakes on signs or in newspapers, and when an apostrophe is used incorrectly... look out!
2. I once met Brendan Fraser at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (he was in town filming The Mummy and it was his day off). He was lovely and we had quite a long chat.
3. When I graduated from university, I lived in Quebec for a summer and learned to speak French fairly well (it was an immersion program and we weren't allowed to speak any English!) Unfortunately the only French I speak these days is to my grade 6 class, so it's pretty basic stuff. C'est dommage, really.
4. I met my husband in Plymouth, on the southwest coast of England. We were there at a festival to watch a total eclipse of the sun. It was amazing! The sky went completely dark at 11 o'clock in the morning. It was very dramatic and apparently quite romantic too...
5. Before I met Alan, I'd never had a curry. Ever. Now I'm quite partial to Indian food. So long as it's not too spicy.
6. I have worked as a tutor, a cashier, a KFC girl (I will never eat fried chicken again!), a balloon-blower-upper and a teacher. Guess which one's my favourite?
7. I kick ass at Scrabble.

I think I'll pass this one on to my sister. I'm trying to get her to blog more, so this might be the kickstart she needs...

Whew! Done. That was long. And way too long coming. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who gave me these awards (go visit them, won't you? all their blogs are fabulous reads) Please don't think I'm not grateful. I'm just kind of busy! Speaking of which, I'd better get going. I've got lunches to make. And letters to write. And a bubble bath might be nice, too...

E xo


  1. Thank you so much dear for my award and so pleased to read we have even more in common (dare not tell you which ones!). I love reading posts like this, made being up at far too an early hour a little better.

    However, I am now worried more than ever about my spellings/punctuation! I am absolutely terrible at apostrophes and commas and I will worry myself to death that it is annoying you! Hee hee


  2. AH, i feel sooooo special to have gotten the honest scrap award and for your sweet comment! I look forward to doing this one. I love this award cos i enjoy reading random fun facts- like bless alan for introducing you to curry- i can't live without it!!!

    and i'm a WUSS when it comes to violent movies. When we watch DEXTER, i have to leave the room sometimes and max laughs but it's true! i can't take violence lol

    just the other day i was listening to a mixed Christmas cd in my car smiling, thinking i was such a dork for doing so in April so i LOVE that you let the boys listen to it before bed :) you're such an AWESOME mom erin, truly! (and friend!)

    fictional character... Sawyer ISN'T real?! what? ;)

    Brendan Fraser- i LOVED the first Mummy :)

    your love story is one of my favourites... absolutely!

    You deserved every award because you are LOVELY. plain, simple. :)

    and i'm sooooo glad to know you so well! xoxo

  3. Abundant thank yous, Erin. You're so incredibly sweet. Award posts are always exhausting, aren't they? But it's always nice to feel the love and spread the love and discover some really cool things about people. I just loved your lists! But what I really want to know is what you and Brendan Fraser chatted about!

  4. You met Brendan Fraser!?!?!?!?!?! Oh, I am SO jealous!

  5. Too funny I got a giggle out of this post. Especially the aprt of swearing like a trucker - a manager I used to work with called me gutter mouth Gerty fairly regularly. I try to keep my language in check now buuut sometimes it HARD!

  6. I loved this post! especially that you have a potty mouth! :) and it is quite romantic that you met your husband under the eclipse! what a story. and thanks for passing along such a sweet award!


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