Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two things for Tuesday

Is it Tuesday again already? You know what that means! {besides the fact that LOST is on tonight!!!} It means it's time for "Two things I love around my home." This week I've chosen some things from my kitchen.

The first is this drawing of our family. We're standing outside our house, near the cherry tree. Dylan likes to draw all of us with huge curly hair. Clearly he's never paid much attention to the hours I spend with my straightening iron each day! I love the details in this picture- the branches and blossoms on the tree, the flowers in the garden, the big yellow sun in the sky. Gorgeous! I really must start framing these pieces of art...

The next thing I love is my fab new apron, made for me by Kelly! It was an early birthday present and I think it's just the prettiest thing.

Look at that fabric! J'adore...

Oh, and one more thing I love, if you don't mind? It's not at home, it's actually here at work, in my office. It's a photo of Sawyer, my tv boyfriend! {yes, I am in my mid-thirties and not actually a teenage girl!} My friend Sheila bought a copy of US magazine at the checkout recently just so she could give me this picture. Wasn't that thougtful of her? Such a good friend...

Sigh. It makes me grin every time I look at it. Sometimes I forget it's there. I leave the main library to pop into my office for a minute, and there he is!

Speaking of which, can't wait for LOST tonight. We actually got a few answers last week. Maybe tonight there'll be some more. I want to know what are the whispers? Is Jacob really the bad guy? And where on earth is Desmond?

To play along with "Two things Tueday"visit Kassi's blog and link up. I'd love to take a peek into your homes, my lovely readers...
E xo


  1. what a sweet drawing and i love the fabric of the apron! thanks for playing along!

  2. I have an apron fetish.. and I always forget to put them on when I cook. So basically they just hang in the kitchen looking pretty :) Gotts love handmade aprons!

  3. I love that apron and have to agree that fabric is fabulous. I always forget to wear mine and stress over getting stains out of my clothes!

    Love Dylan's wild curly hair picture!


  4. That drawing is too darn cute! I really had to laugh about the curly hair! Have a nice day!

  5. I know! So many questions for our friends on Lost! Can't wait for it either. And I LOVE that apron! I've been wanting one for forever. I keep seeing beautiful ones in places like anthropologie and think, "$30?! But I could make one of these myself!" Except that after years of saying that I never have. So hooray for your friend who made one for you!

  6. i totally think you should frame your darling boy's art work! my little sister frames our nieces artwork and i'm dying for prints cos i love them! and what a little artist you have :) I LOVE IT!!!

    apron & that fabric? completely you, my friend :) what a great pressie!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your + 1 :) I actually sent you a letter in reply to yours a few days ago and wished i had snapped a picture because -- well you'll see! ;) I laugh when i think how teeny bopper i will always be about Robbie Williams. My tv boyfriend is McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy but my LOST boyfriend is Des so YES! where is he?!?!!? i always knew that the island had something to do with hell... but EXACTLY, *IS* jacob bad?! it's hard to tell. Poor Robert... his story broke my heart.

    LOST TONIGHT! we'll discuss after for sure! xoxo


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