Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My birthday wish list

My birthday is the week after next. Have I ever mentioned how excited I get about birthdays? Super excited. I am like a little kid again. Especially the night before. I can't sleep a bit! Isn't that silly? It's true though. I am transported back in time, dreaming about my birthday party, the cake and balloons and the pretty wrapped presents. I love the feeling on my birthday of having a secret... of walking around and thinking "That person doesn't even know it's my birthday today!"

Anyway, before my big day rolls around in April, it's my mom's birthday. We're having a birthday brunch party at my house this weekend, complete with scones and muffins and fruit and tea (of course!) The boys are practicing the birthday song again in preparation! In the meantime, I'll just dream up my birthday wish list. Hear that, Alan? You've still got lots of time to go shopping... In addition to the usual books and spa-treatments (!), I'm hoping for:
via etsy
I love these "paper pastry" airmail stickers that Micaela wrote about a few weeks back. Aren't they pretty? Apparently all letters go via airmail these days and I don't actually need to label them such, but I don't care! I'm ignoring the indignant woman at the post office. I want these.

via etsy
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know how much I love the "Keep Calm and Carry On" saying. It's my mantra. I repeat it (in my head) when I find myself getting frustrated, upset, or just generally ticked off. I still don't have my own copy to hang up in the house, but I definitely need one. I'm not sure which colour I would choose, but this sage green is gorgeous, isn't it? And I love the simple white frame.

via kimbirdy's etsy shop
I love Kim's blog Fill Your Well, and I adore her coffee cozies! I think I'd like to get this one for my April birthday. It's so perfect for spring. Just think of all the chai tea lattes I could enjoy with this little beauty wrapped around my cup...

How much do I want this pack of one hundred book cover postcards? Soooo much.

Okay, so I might not get to spend my birthday in Paris (le sigh) but I can at least pretend by stamping this Paris postmark on all my outgoing mail...

Thanks for indulging me and my birthday dreaming. Hope you're having the most wonderful Wednesday.
E xo


  1. You know I would have picked pretty much the exact same list if I was to make it with you in mind!

    But I have you seen the 'Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On' poster - surely that is 'just your cup of tea' (hee hee, I really have terrible jokes!)


  2. Oh so many cute things on your list! I feel so honored that my coffee cozy made the list! I LOVE the pack of book cover postcards!!! Such a cute idea!

  3. i am the same way about birthdays! :) maybe it has something to do with being a twin so double the celebration, but ever since we were little our birthdays were birthday weeks ;)

    in my family, it's a tradition to get oversized kid balloons - my parents always buy the disney princesses or hello kitty, even when it's our 26th birthday :) us siblings always try to be the first to text happy birthday at midnght. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!

    and yours is no exception! i'm excited for you :) and have your gift wrapped- just ready to post!

    ps. when did "air mail" become automatic? i miss those stickers you had to put on. ;)

  4. Great things you have on your birthday wish list. I hope you receive them all! xx

  5. Oh yay for your birthday! I hoep that you get all those things and much more, I am sure your boys will spoil you. I love the air mail stickers too.

  6. That tea cozy with the little bee is precious. Erin, this is such a fantastic list. I hope you get all you asked for and more on your birthday.

  7. What an awesome birthday list, Erin. I've been dreaming about mine lately, and cooking up a little blog post. Mine's April 5th (sneaking right up!). When is yours?

  8. Ah!!! I can't believe we have the same birthday! How fun is that???

  9. I love birthdays too!! Great birthday list, I hope you get spoiled!

    I gave you an award over on my blog:



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