Friday, March 05, 2010

Fill in the blanks

It's Friday, and time for some more "fill in the blanks!" Join in, and don't forget to link back to Lauren !

One thing I must do before I die is go to Paris for a long holiday and speak French every day while nibbling on pain au chocolat.

I would rather read the book than watch the film any day.

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be to stop stressing so much. Enjoy being young. Stop waiting for tomorrow and live for today. And don't waste your time worrying about how you look. You look great!

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would design my dream house on a lovely big piece of land with a beautiful garden, close to the city but far enough away to be peaceful and quiet. And I'd book those flights to England I keep talking about...

The best surprise ever was when Alan arrived a week early from England. I was laying in bed, just drifting off to sleep, when he poked his head into my room and said, "Hi Gorgeous..." I practically fell out of my bed in shock!

My biggest fault is that I often worry myself sick about all sorts of stuff. I need to learn to relax, to "keep calm and carry on." It doesn't come naturally to me.

My greatest strength is my desire to be really good at the things that are important to me. To be a great mum and a good friend are at the top of my list. Also, I think I'm pretty funny. I like to make people laugh.


  1. So read this after my silly two emails to you so RE: your number one - imagine the picture I sent in Paris maybe! hee, hee

    Agree with you on 2, and obviously 4 but mine would be far from the city!

    I would wholeheartedly one hundred percent agree with your last one too, I think we would share a great amount of giggles!

    Oh and your surprise - well it makes me wish I loved surprises!

  2. Your dream house sounds just right!

  3. love your fill in the blanks. every week i say i am going to jump on this bandwagon. and every week just passes by.

    love reading yours.



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