Monday, March 15, 2010

Beachy dreams

It's the middle of March, and the first day back to school. The sky is grey. It's chilly outside, and raining. Summer seems a long way off right now. But it's good to dream, isn't it? Of blue skies and beaches and long, lazy days...

Wouldn't you love to be sitting on one of these chairs, a cold drink in one hand, a thick novel in the other? Soaking up the sun, and the scent of salt in the air?

Feeling the warm sand between your toes? Waves lapping at your feet? Not a care in the world?

Yeah, me too.

images via tiny white daisies


  1. It's supposed to be 14C and sunny on Saturday if that helps.

  2. Me aswell!

    I think it is that little glimpse of sunshine that makes us all think we are further along into the season, that mixed with all the Spring/Summer catalogues I seem to be getting recently!

    Roll on summertime, crazy, hazy days

  3. i looove that first shot. so lovely.

  4. that first shot. oh wow. that's where i'll spend my summer, please!

  5. Absolutely heavenly. I hate to say it, but living in San Diego, it's easy to go to the beach whenever. You want to stay quite bundled up in the winter, but it's still lovely.


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