Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday thoughts

via tiny white daisies

How pretty are these window sill planters? I love them. They combine my love of spring flowers, this watery blue colour, and (of course) tea cups! I wish I had some all lined up in a row on the front counter in my library, where I'm sitting right now and listening to the rain on the skylights.
Things I'm thinking about on this drizzly Thursday morning:

  • the flowers in my garden must be drinking up these raindrops and loving it
  • booking our flights to England this summer (please oh please let me find a seatsale!)
  • plans for Dylan's 5th birthday party (I need to make a shopping list!) at the nature sanctuary next weekend
  • my run tonight (run 3 min/walk 1 min x10)
  • how Dylan counted to 119 in the van this morning on the way to playschool, and how cute it was when he said, "Wow! I'm tired now from counting that high. I think I need a break."
  • what I'm making for dinner tonight (vegetable curry with brown rice... yum!)
  • how organized I'm going to have to be to catch the bus to the ferry at 5:45 tomorrow morning! (it will be soooo worth the early wake-up though, to be at the Olympics!)
  • LOST (I'm pretty much always thinking about LOST...)
What are you thinking about this morning?
Erin xo
PS: I have a student teacher right now, so I have time to think about all this stuff while I'm at work! What am I going to do after spring break when I have to actually teach again? Guess I'd better start planning some lessons now...


  1. so cute! I love lining up plants on windowsills, unfortunately ours aren't deep enough.
    ps. how lucky you're going to england!

  2. those are adorable! spring can't come soon enough. i have an award for you- stop by my blog to pick it up;)

    enjoy dinner- sounds yummy!


  3. I've been thinking about how much I can't wait for the papers to be written and for my boyfriend to arrive for a week visit.

  4. I'm thinking that I need to get off the computer and pack for our week long visit to our hometown tomorrow!

    Have fun and stay safe tomorrow!

  5. Hilarious! I can't wait until I'm tenured so I can have student teachers too.

    Also, I saw the book you're reading in the library today. I should have picked it up, shouldn't I have?

    And these planters are adorable!


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