Thursday, February 04, 2010

Starting over

I was grumpy pretty much all day yesterday. I'm not sure why. The inevitable low after the much anticipated LOST high? The cold rain and grey skies? The chronic tooth pain I've been having since getting some fillings replaced a month ago (a month ago! and they still hurt...)? A lack of sleep? The bomb site that is my kitchen when I'm trying to make potato soup and craft Valentines with the boys at the same time? PMS? I don't know. But I didn't like it. I got upset with the boys way too many times, over their usual silly little boy antics. Things that any other day wouldn't have set me off shouting, but yesterday did. It wasn't fun for anyone. Thank goodness that the bad days come to an end, kids forget when Mum's been a grump all day and still want lots of bedtime kisses. Thank goodness that "tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet." (have I ever mentioned my adoration for Anne of Green Gables?)

And so, today, I promise: to breathe deep and count to five and ask myself if it's really a big deal before I get upset about something stupid. To get outside for some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. To sit and cuddle my boys for a while before I tackle the dishes. To get myself to the gym after they're in bed and run until I feel clear-headed again. To say one sweet thing to at least five people today (especially the three men in my life!) To "keep calm and carry on."
Wish me luck,
Erin xo


  1. I was in a shocking mood yesterday, i just wanted to sit and cry. So like you I am trying to make today a little better and not stress out too much. Hope your feeling much better!

  2. Hey lovely lady! Hope your grouchy day gets a bit better. I always have such a tough time coming out of a funk once I'm in a mood... hope you turn around better than i do!

    Also, i posted a bit about your v-day cards on my lil' bloggy blog. Check it out!

  3. oh i'm going to have to remember that Ann of Green Gables line. it's a perfect reminder for these kind of days.

    i hope you feel better love! and you need to see your dentist pronto! there is nothing like a tooth ache :(

    you poor thing.

    you have my luck, but i have a feeling that the kind of person you are... the kind of mother and friend, you are smiling now. I pray that you are. xo

  4. I hope you are feeling better today! As for your teeth...have you tried a toothpaste for sensitive teeth? It worked wonders for me.

  5. You are lovely...especially for quoting Anne. That scene where Marilla reminds her of that is one of my favorites.


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