Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainbow, re-watch, clean-up

My 3BT for the last Wednesday in February...

1. There was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky this morning. Sawyer was completely in awe of it. I think it might be the first one he's ever seen.

2. While the boys napped, I re-watched last night's episode of LOST. Mind boggling, just the way I like it.

3. I have loaded a ton of junk into the back of the van. We're going to the Sally Ann this afternoon. Finally! I can see my dining room floor again!

What are your 3BTs today?


  1. mind boggling yes!!! i don't like this new claire we're seeing.

    my three:

    1.) APOLO OHNO's 1st place qualification tonight. i.just.can't.get.enough.of.him ;)

    2.) my Dallas Mavericks (NBA team) won against the LA Lakers and i got to watch it on ESPN (the hard thing about living outside of Texas is not getting to watch all the games unless it's on National tv and you know me and my sports!!!)

    3.) HAPPY MAIL: my giveaway win from Every Little Counts came in today :) I've been dying to own something of theirs but with no job, i haven't been able to splurge. Oh God listens to prayers doesn't he?

    speaking of prayers... cross your fingers and say one for me... i applied at a job i REALLY want, so i hope i get at least a call back! :)

  2. What a fab 3BT!

    I saw this photo on a blog last night and it made me remember it this morning when I read about Sawyer - have a look its a couple of photo's down


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