Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Polar bears in the Pacific

I just discovered these polar bear cupcakes on one of my regular reads, Kitchen Door. Not sure how I missed them last week, but I am soooo making a batch of these babies for my LOST finale party! (which is still months and months and months away and no cause for me to get all emotional, right?!...)


  1. WHAT?!? A LOST finale party? I am so there! I'll start thinking now of a themed food item to bring. Hmmm...

  2. Awesome! I knew you'd be in. It will be a late night, but so worth it. Sunday, May 23rd. It will be a gala event. Lots of Dharma food and drink, polar bear cupcakes, kleenex to wipe away our tears...

  3. These are adorable and although the LOST reference is 'lost' on me (apologies) they would be fab for any party!

  4. These are amazing, thanks for sharing!

  5. i giggled cos these would be PERFECT for your party. :)

    you are cuteness.


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