Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More love in the mail

More mail pour moi! Two Valentines arrived yesterday, in addition to my bookswap book! It was just the perfect thing to arrive home to a great big stack of mail {especially after the horrible day I was having!}

This lovely card came from Caitlin at Maybe I'm an Orange Peel.

And this gorgeous collage card (love all the vintage drawings!) came from Nicki in Liberty, Missouri. If you have a blog, please let me know, Nicki. I'd love to visit.

I also got a postcard from Em yesterday. One in a series of fab catalogue models of the 70s. I added it to my postcard collection wall when I arrived at work this morning.

Isn't it hilarious? Em says "Hands off the dude in the middle! I saw him first!" That's fine. Because I'd choose bachelor #1 on the left, anyway! ;~) I just can't say no to that jaunty pink bandana...


  1. oh wow! i'm so glad you got more snail mail love... pretty envelopes totally brighten my day. i think i need to join another swap!

  2. Oh all of those cards are gorgeous! I will have to send you another little letter soon.

  3. Snail mail is so much fun! Is there still a swap available to join?

  4. ooh i love those valentines!!!

    & that postcard- AH i love it! i like your pick too ;)

    he's quite yummy, vintage or not. ha


  5. Aww I love receiving mail. It's one of the greatest joys in life. Love those cards!

  6. I just read your post about your son saying "abley" - eee! I love that stuff :) My son calls grasshoppers "hopgrassers".

  7. Nothing better than a big pile of post is there!
    Loving the postcard wall too - are they all from your friend Em?


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