Monday, January 11, 2010

Tumbled, breakfast, kisses, progress

My Monday morning 3BT:

1. Last night, listening to the sweet hum of my brand new dryer. Warm, soft clothes in just 20 minutes! Hello, modern technology... I love you.

2. A delicious bowl of yogurt, raspberries and walnuts, with some homemade pancakes on the side. Mmmm.

3. Sawyer said to me this morning, "Mummy, come here. I want to kiss you!" Oh, how it made me smile.

We're looking forward to Alan's birthday tomorrow. Dylan is especially excited. He starts each day saying something like this~ "How many days until Dad's birthday, Mum? Two. That's how many!" It's so cute. We went shopping on the weekend and picked up some fun gifts (that's all I'll say for now in case you-know-who is reading this!) The boys have wrapped Daddy's presents (with much, much too much tape!) and tonight we are baking a chocolate layer cake. We've got my parents, Wade, Laura and wee Juliette coming over tomorrow evening to help us celebrate with dinner from The Noodle Box (yum!) and the aforementioned cake (double yum with chocolate icing on top!)

What a difference from a year ago when Alan had only just been hit by that van, was on heavy pain medication, using crutches and was off work indefinitely. Our days consisted of one appointment after another and I was struggling to do everything on my own. It was awful, for all of us. Thank goodness that things have improved since then, and that (hopefully) they will continue to improve as he carries on with his rehabilitation. And how nice for Alan that he doesn't have to be drugged up to enjoy his own birthday party! It all adds up to BT #4...

2010. So far, so good.


  1. I love that you love your tumble dryer - I feel the same - mine has a smell and a warmth that makes me want to crawl in with the fluffy warm towels when they have finished! How weird do I sound! Although I will scarily never forget my niece climbing in and shouting to her Mum - "help me - I can't get out"!! Hope you all have a good family birthday week xx

  2. Last year must have awful at this time! So happy for you that things are so much better this year! Sounds like you guys will have a super fun little birthday party.

    I also replied to your comment on my blog, but figured I was coming over here anyway. If you have the website with that cute kid's room easily on hand I would love it! If it's a bother though I think I can visualize it pretty well. Maps for wall paper is such a great idea! Thanks!

  3. Your children sound adorable, and I couldn't agree more about the tumble dryer. Tumble-dried pyjamas are definitely in my top ten favourite things even. Along with a good breakfast, which it sounds like you got!

    A wonderful day all round then.

    The humorous rantings of Daniel Elliot Pool

  4. you are the cutest!!! #3 just melts my heart. and all the tape? ADORABLE.

    someday i want to be the mum you are. and the wife.

    what a difference a year can make... i had no idea this happened to your lovely husband. How far you've come, and surely a lot of that has to do with you Erin.

    can i have breakfast at yours?

    i hope you lovelies have a WONDERFUL birthday celebration! xoxo

  5. I know what you mean about the dryer. Tonight I washed & dried all of the clothes I brought home with me at Christmas. Now they are all soft & lovely, ready to head back to the land of no dryers & scratchy, wrinkled laundry. Sigh. At least they have good cheese in that land.

    Happy birthday to Alan!

    E xoxo

    P.S. Word verification: "ememed"! Sounds like someone I know...


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