Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's the last weekend before Christmas and I'm on vacation. Feeling very merry indeed! We have had a busy couple of days, complete with preschool Santa breakfast, a Christmas lunch at Tricia's, a trip to see the Festival of Trees and one last (ha!) shopping trip. We have set up the guest room for Em and Francois (who are currently stuck in the snow in Frankfurt!), baked cookies, made some lists and checked them twice. The boys are snug in their beds and now we are going to start wrapping Christmas gifts, drinking hot chocolate (and Baileys... mmmm!) and watching a festive movie or two. I'm thinking Miracle on 34th Street, maybe. Anyway, am really looking forward to it. So, off I go. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Until then, happy Saturday night to you!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your houseguests make it. I have been reading various blogs this morning and it seems the snow has caused chaos in many parts! My husbands cousin was travelling to South Africa to get married and was going via France only to get there and their flight was cancelled! They had their little 2 year old in tow too - so major panic!
    I just looked back in your archives like you said and you sure did get a lot of snow last December. Loved the snowball fight - that little giggle is so sweet xx


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