Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lights, latte, advent, house guest

Three beautiful things (3BT) on this frosty December morning:
1. We took the boys for a stroll around the neighbourhood last night to see the lights. "Tomorrow night there will be even more!" Dylan said. Then we stayed outside a while, putting up some more lights of our own. "Our house will be the most Christmasy house on the street!"

2. On my way to work this morning... a tall, non-fat, extra foamy chai tea latte. Need I say more?
3. The boys were delighted with their numerous advent calendars this morning. There is no doubt that today is the 1st of December. We opened six number 1s, and stickered a seventh!
And a fourth BT, because I'm allowed... and you can never have too many...
4. My lovely friend (and the bravest girl I know) Em arrives in town three weeks from today. Starbucks and late-night chats, here we come!

photo via google images


  1. The world is a better place with Christmas lights!!

  2. sounds lovely all around! I need to make time this holiday season to go Christmas light admiring! I love finding the houses that go all out, with lawn displays and everything! :)

  3. Extra foamy??? Why didn't I ever think of that? Guess I'll have to try it out while at home...



  4. Oh, Erin...extra foamy? I think you've just revolutionized my chai latte experience :) And that is truly the best gift one blogger can give to her readers!! :)


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