Saturday, November 07, 2009

They're baaaack...

This afternoon, Alan and Dylan decided to take advantage of the burst of sunshine (quite a miracle, considering the rain that's been coming down in biblical proportions these past few days). They went for a walk along the trail and then crossed over to the mall to check out the sale at Canadian Tire (total boy outing!) Sawyer and I stayed home to tidy up, deal with the laundry and watch a bit of Peppa Pig. I also wanted to find the perfect spot for my new lamp, but that's another story. Anyway, when all our jobs were done, we headed out to meet up with them (and Gramma) at our favourite neighbourhood hangout. You know the place, right? The one with the fancy coffee drinks, the big upholstered chairs, and the jazzy background music? And the red cups!!! I couldn't believe it. It's Christmas at Starbucks already. Guess I'd better get shopping...


PS: Even though I was a bit taken aback, and I think that it's probably a little too early to break out the Bing Crosby cds, I have to confess to being a bit excited about the whole thing. I love the red cups. Next time I go, I'm totally getting a gingerbread latte!

festive photo via rinse.repeat. go say hi to bethany and give her a hug...


  1. I had an eggnog latte today. Mmmm. I agree, a bit early for Bing but so excited!

  2. Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

    (P.S. Word verification is "wahot"... pretty funny, given the theme, non?)

  3. So today I found out that ONE eggnog latte has...470 calories!!! How is that even possible I ask you?
    I can't wait to try the caramel brule latte. Yummy! And a mere 300 and something :)


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