Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Super cool (Koo and Poppet)

A shout out to Sarah, from Koo and Poppet, for donating this beautiful, hand-made bunny to our preschool fundraising auction. Not only are the Koo and Poppet creatures super cool (each with an individual personality), but they are also featured in Canadian Style at Home this month!

We are going to display "Avril" with the magazine in the hopes of getting a high bid. She is famous, after all! And in this culture, we are all about celebrity, non?! Lindsay, the fundraising coordinator, is starting the bids high for this one. "That's no ordinary stuffie, " she says with a smile. "And I'm going to make sure people know it." Check out the Koo and Poppet Etsy shop here. Thanks again, Sarah!

In other news, I feel awful. I've got a sore throat, aching muscles and a queasy tummy. There are "at least 2 confirmed cases of H1N1" in my Gr. 6 class, and a few more that are suspected. Oh my... Here's hoping that this is just a little autumnal bug I've got, and not the news-worthy one, because I so do not have the time to get seriously sick! I have report cards to write, an auction to help run, several birthday parties to attend, a Christmas card list to tackle, and about a million other things. I figure it's a good sign that I'm sitting up to type this. If I had swine flu, I'd be down for the count, right? Right?

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  1. oh Erin so sorry to hear your down and out with a BUG! Fight it fight it....
    Have to say I have seen this little bunny creature in my's pretty cute in pictures I bet is cuter in real life!
    Take care


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