Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Yesterday we went to Goldstream Park in the rain (is it just me, or is it always raining at Goldstream?) to celebrate Grandpa's and Kilian's birthdays.

We sat in the picnic shelter and enjoyed hot dogs and hot chocolate. Mmmm!

So tasty I don't have time to smile for the camera!

I wore my awesome polka-dot gum boots (and the world's bulkiest sweatshirt under my rain coat... how heavily padded do I look here?!)

We roasted marshmallows. Fun! Like camping, but in November.

Alan took Dylan to see his favourite fallen tree.

And then we took lots of photos in the rain, on the world's most slippery tree trunk (hence, me hiding behind and holding onto the boys for dear life!)

Whoa! Careful! Little boy landslide...

Can you believe I didn't even take one photo of the salmon run (what we like to call "visiting the stinky fish")? What was I thinking? Hundreds of dead salmon rotting in the river. What a great photo opp that was... And I missed it!

What did you do this Sunday?

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  1. That fallen tree trunk is the best. And I don't blame you for bundling up out in the look toasty :)


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