Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween round-up

Yesterday was Halloween, and oh! What a day it was! First we went to the preschool open house. Total madness, but really good fun!

There were so many festive goodies to choose from!

Cute little butterflies to hang out with.

A fishpond full of spiders and other spooky stuff.

Cousins and aunties to play with.

Glitter and glue... always a good time!

Dylan the T-Rex skulking about. He kept asking me who I thought had the fiercest costume! Clearly it was him.

Sawyer nibbling chips and salsa. I am sorry to say he is a terrible double-dipper!

After the party, we attempted a healthy lunch at home followed by a nap. Then we were off to the mall for trick-or-treating fun!

After about half an hour of gathering loot, we sat down to rest a bit and have a lollipop.

Sawyer loooooved his!

In the evening, we were off around the neighbourhood to trick-or-treat some more.

Up and down the driveways we went, for hours on end. Somehow I managed to miss taking a photo of my little pumpkin and dinosaur with their dad (aka Darth Vader), but believe me when I tell you that they all looked fantastic!

We arrived home to our own spooky pumpkins and a viewing of The Great Pumpkin (the boys think Charlie Brown is hilarious!) before they were finally ready to collapse into their beds. Already they want to know how soon until next Halloween. Surely a sign that it was a good one!

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