Friday, October 16, 2009

Rainy day on the farm

Today was the preschool field trip to Oldfield Orchard. The weather was less than ideal. It poured with rain pretty much the entire time we were there. Thank goodness for Mountain Equipment Co-op and their fantastic line of rain gear! We managed to stay fairly dry (except for me and my nicely straightened hair which went from smooth to frizz in 60 seconds!) and have quite a bit of fun, too... We got to go for two hayrides, feed the sheep, have some apple-y snacks and drinks, pick out our pumpkins, pick apples, watch the hens run free under the kiwi vines, see some eggs in the hen house, see the miniature horse and a really big pig, and get really, really wet.

From the minute we arrived, Sawyer was very keen to get up on the tractor.

He was a wee bit disappointed to discover that the tractor would be pulling us and we wouldn't actually get to drive it ourselves.

I was pleasantly surprised that the boys both drank up all their fresh, thick apple juice. They are creatures of habit, my two, and I expected them to complain that it tasted "weird"...

I'll take that pumpkin!

Dylan chose a little one, which is good because the one he got at my mom & dad's last weekend was huge! Nice that I won't have to scoop too many guts out of this one...

Riding back from the pumpkin patch in the big hay wagon.

And realizing that even though it's covered, we're still getting wet...

Picking apples in the orchard

Eating apples and taunting the chickens with them!

It was a good day. Afterwards we went downtown for lunch, met Alan for hot chocolate at Starbucks and then spent a few hours wandering around the museum, which was lovely and warm and dry! I appreciated it so much more after having spent my morning traipsing around in the rain, let me tell you... Definitely one of my 3BT today.

Speaking of which, here they are, my Friday night 3BT:
1. It's so great to have an annual pass to the (lovely, warm, dry) museum. The boys love it there. We wandered for ages, and it was exciting to see Dylan discovering the magic of a microscope. He put a crab shell under it and said, "Mum! You have to come and see this! It is amazing!"
2. Sitting on the floor in the bookstore with the boys while they looked through every Halloween book. They especially liked the one with the cackling witch noise when you open the last page. It was hilarious to listen to Sawyer imitate it.
3. Making wishes, throwing pennies in the fountain. We had a lot of wishes to make. Probably ended up throwing at least a quarter's worth in there!

Looking forward to the weekend now. Lots of little things to do around here. I plan to take it slow and enjoy the days at home. It's supposed to keep raining, so I'm thinking we'll make a big pot of soup, and probably a paper pumpkin or two. How about you?

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