Friday, October 09, 2009

Autumn evening

On Tuesday evening after dinner, the boys were full of energy and bedtime was still a long way off. I figured I'd make things easier on myself by getting them out into the fresh air. "Who wants to go for a walk?" I asked. Immediately they were putting on their shoes and heading for the door. Amazing how they're able to do that when they want to, but never when I'm trying to rush them out the door at 7:45 each morning...

We decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood to collect some lovely autumn leaves. Dylan was thrilled when I said he could ride his bike.

There are lots of maple leaves around our house.

The backpack was almost full of leaves before we'd even left the front yard.

We found lots of leaves on the path down the road as well. And of course we had to climb up onto all the big rocks. We have a lot of photos of the boys on these rocks. They always insist I take their picture when they're up on one, and like a doting mother, I always oblige...

"Don't worry, Mum. If I fall off this rock, I'll be fine because I'm wearing my helmet!"

At home the next day we made some lovely, drippy paintings with glittery gold and red paint, glue and our autumn leaves. They're still drying on the dining room table, 2 days later!

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