Monday, September 07, 2009

Favourite Things revisited

When Molly from My Favourite Things asked me for my list, I had a hard time narrowing my favourites down to just 10. I also tend to be a bit wordy, so she had to edit it down a bit! Here is the original, un-condensed version!

-a really good book, like Harry Potter, a book so good that you stay up way too late reading it, even though you should really know better
-fresh cut flowers on my kitchen table, especially when the kitchen is clean and tidy
-sending and receiving mail on pretty stationery [especially from this girl]
-watching movies and eating popcorn... George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die!
-lovely London [such great shopping!]
-my gorgeous boys, with their cheeky grins and their rosy cheeks
-tea parties with my sister and girlfriends, where we can chat for hours and nibble cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches
-christmas eve, complete with bing crosby, gingerbread cookies, twinkly lights and new red pajamas
-watching Lost with my husband, over and over and over again
-children's books, like Betsy-Tacy, Anne of Green Gables, The Magician's Nephew, Danny The Champion of the World, Charlotte's Web and Harry Potter (I have the perfect job for me, don't I?)

Of course there are many more, but that will have to be another post. I'm off to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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