Saturday, August 01, 2009

Quiet and cool, breakfast in bed, plans

Saturday morning, bright-and-early 3BT:

1. I've just gone outside to turn on the sprinkler and there is a cool breeze in the air. I like how quiet it is at this time of day, just the sound of the birds, and the sprinklers going up and down the street.

2. Dylan has been working hard at something for a while now. To recognize his efforts, I made him a treat this morning. Breakfast in bed! He was thrilled to bits, even when Sawyer climbed into his bed and joined him.

3. I love having plans, and this long weekend I've got a few... They involve shopping, tea, packing (!) and a trip downtown. Aaah, lovely.

Happy weekend to you, wherever you are. Do you have fun plans, too?

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