Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer feast

image via My Black Book

One of the best things about late summer is corn-on-the-cob, don't you think? I could eat it by the bucketload! It's so delicious, all on its own. Tasty with butter too, of course, but I'm avoiding that these days if I can help it.

And the ornamental corn makes me feel a bit less sad about summer's end, because it just oozes autumn, doesn't it? So pretty and festive in a fall-ish kind of way. Makes me look forward to crunchy leaves and thick sweaters and Thanksgiving! That being said though, am not ready to let go of the summer hols just yet... good thing there are still 3 weeks left until school starts. I'd better get busy fitting in all the things I planned to do before Labour Day!

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