Sunday, July 26, 2009

A date with Dylan

Yesterday was Mr Men Day at the Children's Bookshop in Sidney. Dylan loves the Mr Men, so was quite excited when I asked him if he'd like to skip naptime, and go on a "date" with me to check it out. He had a lot of fun, answering Mr Men trivia questions, playing the matching game and colouring a Mr Men picture. He came away with a copy of Mr Nosey (how is it that we didn't actually have that one already?) and a bag full of goodies. He especially likes the maze Mr Bump needs to get through in order to find something or other (a box of bandages, maybe?)

We had some time afterwards, so headed over to the 1950s-style diner for an ice cream sundae in a booth that had a surf board for a table! Groovy. It was a great Saturday afternoon for both of us.

See how much fun he had?

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