Friday, June 05, 2009

Fun Friday

Dylan is getting more confident about climbing these rather tricky contraptions...

Sawyer was so proud of himself. He climbed up into the jungle gym and went across the bridge all by himself!

Get to the back of the bus!

Wheeee! Spin us again, Gramma!!!

I let the boys choose what we did today. We:
- watched Boogie Beebies
- went to Mayfair Mall (once there, we went to Gymboree... my pick!) and had curly fries
- bought new sandals for both the boys (their poor hot little feet couldn't take it in socks and runners any longer!)
- visited Daddy at work
- visited Grandma at work
- went to the water park
- ate ice cream cones and popsicles
All quite good fun...
On the agenda for tomorrow: a pancake breakfast/open house at the preschool, putting up the tent in the back garden, and a barbeque with the Kelseys. Really looking forward to it.
Good-night, wherever you are,

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