Sunday, May 17, 2009

You've gotta love a long weekend...

... for so many reasons! The Victoria Day long weekend is an especially good one. The summer weather is on its way, everyone's gone out of town camping so the traffic is unusually light, and there are so many fun things to do. So far this weekend we have attended two (!) birthday parties, spent a lovely long morning at the beach, played in the garden, read a bunch of books and watched the newest episodes of Peppa Pig and Chuggington (very exciting stuff as far as the littlest Pughs are concerned). I've also managed to get two loads of laundry dried on the clothesline and have completely de-cluttered the kitchen counters (oh, how I love a clear kitchen counter...) This afternoon we're headed to Auntie Pat's to hear all about her trip to Arizona and to stay for supper. Alan should be home from the lake soon after the boys are in bed, and tomorrow morning we might brave the crowds to go see the parade. So I say, thank you Queen Victoria, namesake of our fair city! We're grateful for this celebration of your birthday, and for making it last for days on end.

PS: Am having some technical difficulties posting photos today. Might have to add our long weekend shots tomorrow... In the meantime, enjoy the quintessential postcard shot!

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