Friday, May 01, 2009

Beautiful things

Happy 1st day of May! Here are a few more than 3 BT, to make up for the lack of them lately...

1. Kite-flying at the lake with Dylan (it actually flew!) Running and laughing and being so worn out from both afterwards.

2. Clearing the clutter, one day at a time. Garage sales, donations to charities, getting rid of stuff on UsedVictoria. Making a little bit of progress each day. It makes me feel so much better, a neat and tidy space.

3. I think I've solved the daycare dilemma (for the time being). That's one thing off my mind, anyway.

4. Dylan's newfound love of similes, and even the occasional metaphor! "Mum, it is as dark as a tunnel in here" and "My toes are crispy sausages" are a few of my favourites! His use of language is exciting to a word-lover like me...

5. Sawyer's ever-growing and fierce independent streak. That boy knows his own mind!

6. Just heard from Em. Round 1 went well and she is feeling good! It's the best news I've heard in ages...

Will try to get back into the routine of writing my 3BT more regularly. It's good to have a positive focus every day, innit?

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