Friday, April 24, 2009

Know-it-all, librarians unite, pizza

It's time I got back to the 3BT...

1. Dylan is giving a lesson to Tayler and Sawyer in the kitchen... he's sharing his knowledge of dinosaurs with them. "Now sit still," he says, "and I will tell you about the stegosaurus." (oh my, he is just like his mum!)

2. I have become a bit blog-crazy of late, and have discovered some wonderful blogs written by librarians! My favourites are Al Ain Notebook, The Dundee Writer and Made in a Treehouse. There's an entire world out there in the blogosphere and it's so interesting to read things from the point of view of others, whose lives are so similar (and so different) to mine.

3. Home made pizza for dinner, with tomatoes and spinach and peppers and lots & lots of cheese!

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