Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring, song, play, sisters

Good morning from the Pughs. We are hanging out, drinking tea (and apple juice) and watching Boogie Beebies this morning. Those songs are so catchy! Anyway, a few minutes of my boys dancing and singing (and digging through the toy box) gives me the opportunity to start the day with three beautiful things...
1. The vernal equinox. Who doesn't love its arrival? I am a huge fan of spring. And since it is now officially the first day of spring, I am expecting the weather to get on board and cooperate. Good-bye frost and snow and sleet and freezing temperatures. Hello flowers and green grass and warm sun on my face. I have missed you... It's about time you came back (you'd better come back!)
2. The sound of birds singing as we stepped out the door this morning.
3. Watching the boys play together, happily, for more than two minutes at a time. They're driving their cars on the Fisher-Price garage right now, and having quite a good time together. Let's hope it lasts long enough for me to go make myself another cup of tea...
PS: Just adding this, about 4 hours later. I've got a 4th BT for today: really enjoyed a nice long visit with Amanda, Thomas and Kilian this morning. They came for tea and stayed for lunch. Nice to see both sets of boys playing together and for the two of us to get to chat for ages. Loved it.

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