Monday, June 02, 2008

On the menu tonight...

Sawyer is all about the a la carte dining these days! Here's a list of some of the foods he's tried (and mostly loved):
- blueberries
- toast and marmite (I am surrounded by boys who love their Marmite...
- mandarin orange slices (he'd be happy to eat the entire tin, but as I've told Alan... this is NOT such a good idea!)
- Cheerios by the truckload!
- pancakes
- pumpkin french toast
- couscous
- salmon
- ground beef
- cottage cheese
- yogurt and applesauce
- peas
- corn
- broccoli
- peaches and pears
- pureed carrots, squash, sweet potatoes
- steamed baby potatoes
- chicken
- bananas
- watermelon
- raspberries
- egg yolks, hard-boiled
- hummus
- whole wheat pasta (rotini is the fave)
- spaghetti with meat sauce

It's no wonder he has such a healthy appetite. It takes a lot of energy to scoot around the floor at high speeds, pull up on everything, and to climb a flight of stairs (I wish I were joking about that...) I'm getting plenty of exercise, too... trying to keep up! Gates are being installed on a daily basis, it seems, but there's still no stopping him!


  1. How fabulous a list of the stuff sawyer can eat at my fingertips!!!!

  2. Ah yes Erin I know what you mean at our home Eden has required a few baby gates to suddenly block her way about the house too.... usually on the other side our blockades are offerings for the cats...
    Enjoy the boys
    E and E


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