Friday, May 23, 2008

Long weekend fun

Last weekend was Victoria Day, and what a weekend it was! The sun shone down and it finally felt like summer, at a blissful 30+ degrees! Saturday I went up-island with my mom to see a play and go for lunch (my belated b-day present) and the boys went to Kelly's house (Alan was doing his usual May long weekend at the lake). We had a fun family BBQ (moms, aunts, gramma, kids and great-grandpa) on Sunday, and the boys and I enjoyed the annual downtown parade with friends on Monday. Dylan is still NOT a fan of the clown train, so it was avoided at all costs. We didn't even want to hear the clown train coming, as you can see! Fortunately we avoided coming face to face with it, and with the exception of a being forced to cross the street with a whole group of clowns after the parade, we really did enjoy ourselves!


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