Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy, busy...

February is almost half over and it has been ages since I've written! We're v. busy these days (and I have to confess to not actually knowing quite how to get the photos off our new camera and onto the computer...)

Dylan has been having a really hard time sleeping at night, so we're all really tired. Not sure if it's a teething thing (damn those molars!), increased separation anxiety or what, but we're working hard to help him have a happy bedtime, and to get him back to sleeping through the night again (Sawyer's better at it than poor Dylan at the moment) He's got 8 stickers on his "happy bedtime chart"... two more and we're off to feed the ducks at Beacon Hill!

We have been enjoying lots of visits with friends lately. Alan and I made a new year's resolution to have people over more often and to play more games. So we've had a pizza/sundae/board game party, gone to dinner at a few friends' places, and have been v. glad of it. It's so much fun to hang out, chat, eat, drink (still no wine for me though!) and be merry! Dylan loves having friends over to play, and going to visit his little friends (Russell, Tayler, Annika, Lauren, Brenna...)

The weather has been cold and wintry (no snow though), but is warming up these days. We're looking forward to spring. It's my favourite season for our garden, when the daffodils and tulips are springing up everywhere. Dylan and Alan are working on planting more grass and will soon be putting up a fence, before playhouse construction starts!

I've been shopping for new work clothes (can you believe I start back at my school in 3 weeks? crazy!) and have decided it's time to get rid of the rest of this baby weight. It's healthy eating and lots of exercise for me, starting NOW!

I think that's all our news for now. More soon,

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