Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We are so busy lately that everything is a blur! Since I last wrote:
-Dylan has moved into his big bed (we took apart his crib~ I think I was more sad about it than he was!), complete with fancy rail and special little door that he and Alan made (isn't he lucky to have such a handyman for a dad?)
- We've got our new kitchen floor in! Alan worked on it all Sunday afternoon and, as always, was meticulous. What a difference! It looks marvellous, so bright and shiny! And the kitchen feels so much bigger. Check out the before and after shots to see for yourself!
- We went to the Island Equipment Operators' Truck Lights Parade (BIG trucks of all kinds- cement mixers, dump trucks, buses, crane trucks, you get the idea... all lit up for Christmas). Dylan loved it, and there wasn't a clown in sight! We did see Uncle Luke (aka "Uncle Yuke") driving the Home Depot truck, though.
- We have hauled out many boxes of Christmas decorations and have started fancying up the house. Dylan even has his own little tree in his bedroom...
- It snowed. A lot. But two days later, it rained buckets and washed it all away.
- Sawyer has slept through the night, 4 nights in a row now! Hallelujah!

This afternoon we're off to Kelly's house to decorate gingerbread houses. Before we leave I really must get the fire started so it's nice and warm in here when we get home.

More soon! And some more festive photos, I'm sure.


  1. Good to see you're putting your child to work early!!

  2. busy, busy, busy, and I agree with Amanda, get those kids working. Mac so far only dumps the silverware fromt he dishwasher to the floor, but we're getting there! Sound slike a lot planned for your holidays, yippee!!


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