Friday, November 02, 2007


Halloween 2007 was fantastic! It was the first one that Dylan really got into, and with such excitement... He was adamant about being a snowman and loved wearing his costume. He spent the morning with AP and Thomas (they went to Tim Hortons in costume), the afternoon at the crowded mall with me, Kelly and the kids, and in the evening we strolled the v. festive and well-decorated Glen Lake neighbourhood. He knocked on doors for nearly 2 hours, and would have carried on if we'd have let him! "Maybe go to one more house..." was his motto! The four of us had such fun (though Sawyer did sleep through some of it!) and I'm looking forward to next year when another little Pugh boy will be toddling along behind his enthusiastic big brother! I can honestly say it's the best time I've ever had on Halloween night. I loved it.

And now... let the winter (and Christmastime) come rolling in!



  1. Love the snowman costume (did you make it?) and, of course, the little penguin. Sounds like your boys had a v. full day! It's so great to see the excitement on their faces, isn't it???

  2. I showed Ed the pic of Alan and Dylan - I mean Darth vader and the snowman he laughed so hard - he thought it was great - this coming from a person who would not dress up if you paid him (I think)


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