Tuesday, October 09, 2007

There's a first time for everything...

... and last Thursday evening was the first time Dylan rode his bike outside! When I took the boys for a walk the other eve, Alan surprised Dylan by meeting us on his bike, and bringing Dylan's little trike along. He had a marvellous time riding up and down the path in Hull's Field, ringing his bell all the way! He was so proud of himself, and what a big boy he is. We're looking forward to some good weather soon, so he can give it another go. Rain, rain, go away!



  1. Erin I just love checking your blog every couple days! It is always full of great photos and often writings that make me giggle.
    Erin (Miller) Armstrong

  2. Erin you are so good at keeping us up to date. Doesn't Dylan look great on his bike, so grown up!! and still so smiley :) xx


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