Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Indian Summer

We've been enjoying one last burst of lovely summer weather this week, with temperatures soaring back up to 28 degrees. Have had some nice long walks with friends, made a few trips to the park (Dylan loves climbing up to the top of the slide on his own and shouts, "Look Mum! Look!" as he zooms down), and have done our best to keep the garden watered. It will be a relief when the rain arrives to do that job for me!

Dylan has been v. busy lately, doing puzzles and building with blocks. His newest catchphrase is "Dylan happy. Dylan likes everybody!" Thank goodness for that! It's such a relief to see him well-adjusted to life as a big brother. He's exactly 2 1/2 now, and slowly but surely warming to the idea of using the potty. We like to sit in the bathroom a few times a day, reading My Big Boy Potty and commenting how "Dylan is the same!"

Sawyer is fast-approaching 11 weeks old! He is becoming more alert every day, holds his head up with ease, and spends a lot of time cooing and flirting with me. It is truly adorable! Difficult to get him to nurse though, as he's too busy gazing up at me and grinning. Love it!

Enjoy these photos of Dylan's construction project ("Look, Mum! Two Big Bens!"- notice the towers to the left), Sawyer and his lovely new teddy from Grannie and Grandad, and a few other fun shots. See my little one reading his first book? ;~)

And now, I'm off for a cup of tea whilst both boys sleep. Fingers crossed I get at least half an hour to myself...


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