Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Beach Boys

Yesterday was BC Day, and a perfect day for a trip to the beach. It was Dylan's first big beach adventure (and Sawyer's, for that matter!), and after many reassurances that sandals can be worn without socks (!), we were off. We met up with friends Lil and Gord and their two kids, and Wade (Dylan's coolest "big kid" friend) came, too. We had so much fun! We stayed all day, had a picnic, and didn't want to leave when the day was done. Dylan walked in the water, dug in the sand and went floating on the air mattress. It was a great day, and the perfect end to the long weekend. Hope yours was just as good...


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  1. Great to see the fun you have been having, will update my blog so you can see how much fun we have had, and believe me......... with three, you keep even busier!


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