Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time flies

It's hard to believe that two weeks ago I was in labour. I was getting excited and nervous and wondering who our new baby would turn out to be. And now, here I am a mere 14 days later, the mum of two busy little boys (well, to be honest, the newest one sleeps most of the time... but still, I am feeling VERY busy!) and life feels completely new and different. I'm rather emotional (who, me? emotional!?) and am not coping at all well with our current heatwave (36.3 degrees celsius yesterday! gaah!) I am longing for things to feel normal again. I know that this is the new normal, but I'm not used to it yet. I want to get into a routine (ha! it'll be a while before that happens, I know...) and feel like I'm a bit more in control. I know that will come, especially once I'm fully recovered from the c-section and kidney infection. I just hope it's sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I can't thank all of our wonderful family and friends enough for all the little things they've done to make things easier for me. I love you.

Enjoy these gorgeous photos of wee baby Sawyer. I've discovered the black and white function on our camera- isn't it fun?


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