Wednesday, May 02, 2007

These boots were made for walkin'

Ask Dylan what he' d like to do on any given day, and you're pretty much guaranteed one of two answers... "Read a book" or "Go outside". Sometimes both! Yesterday afternoon we went outside for a walk with Kelly and her kids (always exciting for Dylan, as "Big Dylan" and Russell are both older and therefore super-cool!) along the nearby trail. I really love having friends who are also neighbours. It's just so great to have a spontaneous walk, visit, cup of tea... Here are a few snaps from our walk, as well as a couple I took when we got home. I wasn't allowed to go inside to start supper until we'd accomplished a bit of digging and rock-piling in the back yard. It just wouldn't be a good day if we didn't end up with another load of muddy laundry to do!

I've also included a photo of one of my lilac bushes. I have four. And I love them.

More soon, esp. for those of you wanting to take a peek at my bump!

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  1. Love Dylan's sweater!! Must be from Gramma,as I saw Thomas has the same one but in another colour. These two cousins are as cute as can be.

    Erin, you are so good about keeping the blog up-to-date, it is fun to chcek in on!


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