Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainy Monday message

It's naptime on a rainy Monday afternoon, and it's high time I got this blog up and running! I'm hoping this will be an easy way for friends and family far away to check in and see what's new at the Pugh house.

Erin is now 30 1/2 weeks pregnant. Enjoying working in the school library 3 days a week, and having fun at home with Dylan the rest of the time. We find time to play in between running errands, doing laundry, loading the dishwasher, making dinners, etc. etc. Life doesn't often slow down...

Alan is always busy, working full-time at Sage and still managing to build a new greenhouse, clear the backyard, create raised beds and a sunken path for our garden (does anyone have a steamroller we can borrow?) and entertain Dylan in the dirt.

Dylan is now 2 years and 1 month old! Where does the time go? He constantly amazes us with his humour and brilliance! What other two year old knows all the letters of the alphabet?! Suddenly, he has become a singer, adding Baa Baa Black Sheep to his repertoire of ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells. It's not often that he's not singing! He loves to do jigsaw puzzles (and is really, really good at them), ride his trike around the house, read books (esp. Apple Tree Farm and anything involving a new baby) and play with his trucks and diggers. And of course, he's happiest when he's outside in the garden or going for a walk. Nothing beats a splash in a big puddle, or looking for worms in the dirt with Daddy. He loves to be with us, but is also becoming very independent. He insists on doing many things "by my own!" like putting on shoes, putting away books, climbing up and down stairs, etc. Probably a good thing as we get closer to baby's arrival (9 or so weeks to go...)

Will go back in time a bit soon and post some photos from Dylan's birthday and Christmas in London, as well as some other highlights of the past few months. In the meantime, will put up some of the most recent ones.

Now, it's time for my nap.


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