Monday, April 23, 2007

Bob the builder?

Here are a few photos of our front and back
garden, and the boys' weekend adventures...

Dylan and Daddy had a fantastic time in the back garden this weekend. A work in progress, it is definitely starting to take shape. They dug up a storm, and tracked dirt in all over my clean floor more than once over the course of the two days! Dylan could quite happily scoop dirt into his dump truck for hours on end, and this weekend he did just that... He could be overheard on numerous occasions, as he lugged a heavy shovelful of dirt several feet, "Dylan's got LOADS!"

Spring is in full bloom here, and I couldn't be happier. Nothing beats sitting outside in the sun, wearing flip-flops! In fact, when I'm finished posting this, I may just head out into the garden for a soak in the sun (weak decaf iced tea in hand!) Hope you're able to do the same,


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  1. Istead of Bob the builder...our beautiful boy is Dylan the Digger!

    Love the pics of your yard! Someone asked me if it was Beacon Hill Park!!

    Wonderful way to share family news with everyone. Keep the updates coming. Love it!

    Hi to all the out of town relatives!!


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